Hayley Price

Front End Website Developer

About Me

My name is Hayley Price and studied Digital Media Development at the University of Brighton.

I have a wide range of technical & design skills which includes HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript & JQuery and PHP. I also have knowledge of 3D modeling, intelectual property law, usability and project magament.

Oct to Nov 2015 I worked for a company called LeaseYourNextCar.com where I focused on website maintenance and improvement, I worked on various new features which were implemented into the live site, I also used GIT version control and Jira project management system. I learnt a lot about PHP and MySQL using PHP My Admin. Unfortunately I was let go due to budget cuts.

My Work

Below you can see examples of my work from my years at university.

Bourne Stringing E-commerce Site

The Borune Stringing website was constructed using WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin using the WooThemes that they provide. The website is a fully functioning commerce site that sells hand crafted jewellery made by Rona Hawes.


Prototype Gaming Review Website

For my final year project at university I studied 'An Analysis of Cross-platform Responsive Web Design & User Experience in Game Review Websites'. During this project I considered multiple ways of creating mobile websites, such as using m dot redirecting sites, creating a mobile application and responsive design. After questioning potential users on what they would want from a gaming review website I settled on creating a responsive website using bootstrap as a base. To see the finished prototype click below.


Flashback Photos Brighton - Website Redesign

For one of my 2nd year university projects I had to build a responsive website for a client. I approached a small company based on Brighton Pier and offered to do a full website redesign. I started by using a BootStrap template for responsive mobile first design. I used many different techniques to create a modern innovative website which give a much more professional feel to the company. Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript I completed my task and you can view the full website with the link below.


LoveCity App - University Project

A large group project I worked on while at university was for an interactive application that was made out of a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We constructed an application that would allow users to find things to do with certain groups of people that they were with in pre-defined locations such a London. The app consisted of a welcome screen using CSS animations to manipulate the text as well as a JQuery fade in animation to give the impression of the screen loading up. Next there was the home screen with links to each cities page, and each page contained detailed information about 4 locations with that city, using JavaScript mobile pop ups so display all of the information.

Finally there is an advanced search page which allowed users to filter results by what city they are in, (London/Paris etc.), then by who they are with, (Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Family etc.) and what type of day out they were looking for (Date night/Anniversary etc.) Using these filter category's you were then able to see the results which fit the search results and view the pop ups with full details on each location.


PHP Book Club - University Project

Using PHP I created a book club which will allow users to sign up, and then login to the website using the details they supplied during the sign up process. Once the user has signed in they are able to use their account to submit book reviews for any of the books listed. This is all done using cookies, PHP, Ajax, HTML, CSS and JavaScript/JQuery. Please use the link below to try out the website for yourself.


Time Based Media Short Film

I created a short film piece using a Lumix FZ200 and adobe premiere; you can watch this using the link below.